Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving friends!! I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday. I am excited about the holidays this year. I know that Christmas will be hard for me, I usually feel my loss of being childless but overall I am excited. Tomorrow I plan on being with my family and eating dinner and going to the nursing home to be with my grandmother. I have even though about putting my Christmas tree up tomorrow night but after a long day tomorrow I might change my mind. I am planning on going shopping Friday at Walmart. We are gojng early but I have to say I dread the crowds and the long long lines. I am sick right now with a cold but I am hoping that I will feel better by tomorrow. I wish you all a wonderful weekend and God Bless you.

Monday, November 15, 2010

talkin about nothing

I am sitting here doing nothing so I thought why not write on my blog. I have been sitting here watching the real housewives of Atlanta. Really?? those are so not "real" housewives. I love watching them though but though are so not "real" housewives. I wish I had a maid that would fold my clothes and put them up for me. Thats my least favorite thing to do. Since I have been having trouble with my muscles I have been trying to find things to occupy my time. I have been scrapbooking and reading alot. I have been reading some books by Beverly Lewis about people in the Amish life. They are alot different than anything I have ever read but I really liked them. The best book that I have ever read is called the Tall Woman by Wilma is an older book and it is awesome. There is a follow up book about one of the families in the book called the far family. You all should read these two books they are so good. Its about living in older times on a farm and I love those kinds of books. I wish I could find more books like that.

Here is my new favorite song this week

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Good Day to praise HIM!

Right now I am doing good. I feel like I am in a good place right now. The Lord has renewed my strength once again. His mercy and His grace are amazing. He is so good to me when I dont even deserve it. I am focusing on my relationship with the Lord and putting him first in my life. He is everything to me and I could not live without him. I am so excited to get to go to church in the morning!!! Well last Wed. I wrecked..they think I had a seizure and wrecked. I hurt my head and my arm but other than that I am ok. It was my first accident and I am thankful that the Lord kept me safe. Please keep me in your prayers that I can be faithful and work for the Lord.