Saturday, October 2, 2010


I's been a long time since I have been able to blog..I have not had any internet since we moved. No high speed here until we found out we could get Hughes Net, so I was happy as a child on Christmas morning when they installed it lol!! I am glad to be back! This year has been tough but all in all its been a good year. In my journal that I write in I saw that on New Years I wrote "2010..a year of new beginnings..." and I believe that I was right. Thats what this year has been so far and I hope that it continues to be that way for us.I am still not pregnant but I am still waiting. We got to buy our new house that we didnt think we were going to be able to buy. The Lord worked it out and we got to move in in May. I live right beside my grandparents so I get to spend lots and lots of time with them! I found out that I am going to be an aunt again to a little boy! I am really excited about meeting him, he will be here in December! I got to spend lots of time with my niece this summer, she is growing and is so beautiful! My fatherinlaw had a heart attack and we almost lost him, but the Lord brought him through it and he got saved and started serving the Lord, so that was the best news that we have had all year! My best friend found out she was pregnant the other day. She is a wonderful mother and she deserves many children. This makes her third one. Anthony has been working hard and working many hours in the coal mines. I will post a few pics of the house we bought and some recent pics of us. My muscle pain has been bothering me alot and i still have to fight to stay out of depression.



Vicki said...

Hi Samantha!

Good to hear from you. You have a beautiful home!

Alicia said...

HI Samantha :)
I haven't had internet for a long time too. We just got it installed a few days ago. I think that your new house is so cute! I love the pic of you and your husband's rings. I'm happy to hear what the Lord's been doing in your life. I'm sorry to hear about your FILaw's heart attack, but thrilled that he is now saved and serving Christ!!!!

Many blessings to you dear one and keeping you in my prayers.

Samantha said...

Alicia, I havent talked to you in forever. I read something on your page that said you were pregnant is that true?? I am so glad that you got internet!!! We just got ours installed. Email me and let me know whats going on with you at

Debbie said...

Hi welcome back, I've not stopped praying for you.
Your house is beautiful! And big too ready for you baby, it's really a new beginning, one filled with possibilities.

Stay blessed

My Quest said...

Good to have you back. Am glad you are feeling better! I bless God for the testimony that is yours. Tour house is lovely ready to be filled with the joys and cries of babies