Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have calmed down LOL

Since my last post I have calmed down lol! I was upset when I wrote the last one but now I am ok. Things are going good right now. I am getting ready to move in the next few weeks so I am excited and putting all my energy into that. I am buying a house that is next to my grandmothers house. I am still praying about the adoption and I have delayed going to the fertility clinic for a few more months. Sometimes I think our minds and our marriages need a break from all the stress and just have some fun. Yes, I want a baby more than ever. But I also want my marriage to be strong when a child comes. So I plan on having lots of fun this summer. Spending time with my family and my church family, going to the lake (i can't wait for that), going to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg TN a few times, going fourwheeler riding, growing a garden and canning some food! For those of you who grow your own garden you know that there is nothing better than picking beans and breaking them up, cooking them and eating them with slaw and a big juicy tomatoe "maters" (is what I call them lol, I know I am a redneck hillbilly!) I think this is the happiest I have been in a long time. The Lord has sure blessed me. One of my friends that has been praying for a baby for four years is pregnant!!!! I am so excited for her.Below is a pic of one of my best friends babies. She was the one I talked about having a baby after ttc for five years. Just thought I would let you see her and it is a reminder that Miracles do happen and the Lord is in Control!!


My Quest said...

It's good to sometimes let it all out to regain some sense of sanity.
Just like you I am taking things in stride, growing a garden and loving life at the moment.
we've got to enjoy every stage of life so that we don't end up missing out on the fun to be had in each stage. good luck with the move

Alicia said...

It's so good to hear that the Good Lord has blessed you with a home,happiness and a garden :) It sound's like you've got a fun summer planned!!!

I'm praying for your miracle baby and you adoption. But I'm glad to see that your out live'n life!

Love alicia