Sunday, March 7, 2010

upon my knees

praying Pictures, Images and PhotosLord I am here tonight upon my bended knees. My heart is crying out to you, Oh will you hear me please. There is that longing that’s in my soul, the breaking of my heart. Will you please come by and make this pain depart. I know I’m not the only one, others battles are the same. I believe that you will move for us if we call upon your name. And so we bow before you, upon our knees we kneel. You are the only one who holds the power to heal. I know you’ve answers prayers before we have the proof with Hannah, the power to heal the sick and feed your children with manna. Lord, I am not asking for material things just a child to call our own, I pray that you bless us and fill our empty home. So many nights I have cried upon my bed with tears. The hurt has been in my heart Lord for so many years. The tears they do fall as do the rain, I don’t let people get to close I fear they’ll see my pain. I want to be like them and have a family too, I pray that you have mercy and touch my empty womb. To be patient and wait on you with all my heart I’m trying. With arms wide open you stretch them out and hold me while I’m crying. You are the only place Lord that I want to go, you are the one to comfort me, of this I truly know. You’ve sent me strength and you always comfort me. In debt to you Lord I will always be. Lord I love you so much, I feel your presence near. For I know by my side you are always here. I’m sorry Lord to bother you with this request again. But I know to keep persistence it will be worth it in the end. I rise up from my knees, on my life I look back, you have blessed us so and no good thing we lack. Through our pain we will praise you and to your name we’ll sing. We know you’re the giver of life because you are our King. Samantha


My Quest said...

When you call I will here, ask I'll answer. That is the promise we have from the father. He's heard and despatch the answer just start thanking him for it. That's what I do not. This test will soon become your testimony, don't apologise for asking so often, he commands it. so just keep at it.
I know he's heard.

Stacey said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely and heartfelt prayer with us. I'm praying that God will make a way for you, Samantha. Nothing is impossible with Him!