Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dear Baby...

Dear Baby,
I am waiting on you. I cannot wait until the day that I hear that you are coming. These years of waiting has been so long but I know you will be worth the wait. Someday I will understand why I had to wait so long to hold you in my arms. Oh, how I dream of what life will be like when you get here. To see your face for the first time is more than I can even imagine. I promise we will love you and cherish every moment that we have with you. I will know how blessed I truley am, I will cherish the moments that others overlook. I won't complain when you spill stuff on the carpet, I won't ignore you when you ask me to play. I will take the time each day to tell you how much you mean to me. We will read together and learn about the Lord. There are so many things I long to do but I have to wait. We would love to be able to wake up early with you by our side. we would love for our house to be a wreck with toys threw everywhere. For now you are only in my dreams but I know that soon you will be a reality. I pray for you each day, asking the Lord to send you to me. I have never met you but I miss you so terribly bad. I feel that void in my life, the part where you are supposed to be. Some have told me to give up that it may not be the Lords will for me to have you but I know they are wrong. They don't know what I feel in my heart. I dream of what you will look like, I hope you have your daddys eyes. Your daddy will be amazing, he is amazing. He will be so much fun. Of anyone ever deserved to be a father it is him. I could not ask for anyone better to share my life with. He holds me when I cry and when I want you so bad. He assures me that you will be here soon. He is the strong one, without him I could never have made it through all this. Almost eight years waiting on you but when you arrive our family will be complete.My dreams will have come true. My heart will be filled. Baby, I love you even though I have never looked upon your face, I would give all my earthly possessions for you but I can't. Only in the Lords timing. He is the giver of life and I know that He knows whats best for me. He sees the forest when I can only see the trees. Samantha