Wednesday, January 27, 2010

can't sleep tonight

Tonight from out of nowhere I just started crying while I was talking to my husband. I just started crying and told him how much I wanted to be a mother and I could not stop. It seem to just happen all at once. I did feel better after a good long cry! After that I talked to my husband anout the Lord and what He is able to do. I pray that my husband will get saved, to be in church worshipping the Lord together would be an awesome thing for me. He is a wonderful man though, I can't believe we are married sometimes. We have been friends since the third grade, went all the way through school together (i found him some girlfriends in school to!), and on our last semester of high school we just started talking more on the phone and one night he said (now we weren't even dating yet!) He said when we get married I will move you somewhere where you can have a pond behind our house with ducks in it. A couple weeks later he ask me out. As soon as I graduated we moved in together (my family about died..they said I was to young) I was to young but I guess everything worked out fine (: But I still haven't got my pond with the ducks!! I will have to post a photo that I have of me and him together at our eigth grade graduation.
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Alicia said...

Young love is the best because you get to share so much of your life together. I didn't know that your husband isn't a believer. I will be praying for that! I'm praying for you and your adoption and what God might do with all of that :) I sure hope that you get to be a mother very soon, you would be such a wonderful mommy! I pray that His power and glory will be evedent in your life so that your husband might begin to wonder about the Lord:)

Stacey said...

You are already on my prayer list, but I will definitely add your husband as well! Praying for you both. I'm sorry about those moments of sadness. My hope is that you won't have to wait much longer!

My Quest said...

My prayers are with you xx
Just keep growing stronger in love, you are covering to your husband being a believing wife. Just keep praying for him and in time God will do his work in his life. I have an unbelieving husband by it's hard to believe that he is not a believer because he is the best ever, but God knows why