Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Heart

Is this reality or a dream maybe?
Can I really not have a baby?
I awoke to hear the crying
So very hard I am trying.
But the crying came from my own eyes
When I realized I could sing no sweet lullabies.
My feet walk upon barren ground
I wonder if I make a sound
Do they really know how I feel?
Though my lips stay so still
The days go by, the months, the years
When will you dry all my tears
They are ever flowing from my eyes
If they could see my heart they’d be surprised.
How long I have waited seems like eternity
I keep crying out why can’t it be me.
This lonesome journey I have to face
But I have to keep running this race
I my feet are tired, my heart is weary
I’ve been in the cold, how it is dreary
I ask this question, does anyone care
My heart is reminded He’s always been there
I wonder if childlessness is my fate
I wonder how long I’ll have to wait
In the cold and lonely night
I close my eyes and what a sight
I see me there holding you
Will this dream really come true
But with the mornings light my dreams all flee
My heart is broken, can’t you see
Upon my knees in deep despair
Once again, reminded, He’s always there
He says to ask and just believe
And it will be mine to receive
My heart is listening to the Lord
And on that day what galore
When I look into my babies eyes
I know that surely I will cry
I’ll thank the Lord for the miracle given to me
And what a great day that will be.
By Samantha
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Alicia said...

You're such an amazing writer! I hope that you get your little baby some day soon.