Monday, September 7, 2009

My Appt. at the Fertility Clinic (:

I was so nervous about my appointment to the fertility clinic I thought my heart would actually stop before I got in there. I actually stopped on my way up there and bought a pregnancy test at Walmart and took it in a gas station bathroom. I thought maybe just maybe I am pregnant and won't have to go through with going to the Dr. Well, I wasen't preg. but I did make it to the Dr. It was at the Blugrass Fertility Center in Lexington with Dr. James Akin and I was so nervous. But when his nurse came in she made me feel so comfortable and she calmed me down. They were so very nice. He was just as friendly and kind as she was and I felt comfortable with him. I am so happy that he was nice. I need a Dr. that I can ask questions and talk to. Anyways, he wants me to take Clomid 100 mgs. and a pill called Prometrium that makes me have a period each month. My problem as far as I know is that I am not ovulating on my own. If this dosen't work in three cycles my husband and I have to both go back. He will have to have a sperm count and I will have to have the xray dye test to check my tubes. Of coarse my prayer is that I don't have to go back and that these pills work. I am going to start the prometrium tomorrow. So please please pray for me. I am very excited. And my hubby is worried lol because of the mood swings I had on the 50mgs of clomid just for that one month. I am usually a person always laughing and smiling and during that cycle with clomid I was terrrible. We always get along but during that time we didn't like each other at all, but we still loved each other(: On cycle days 21-23 the Dr. told me to go to the lab and have my progesterone level checked. Does any of you know what the level should be if I did ovulate. I am not very familiar with that and I am wondering. I will keep you updated on whats going on. I am very excited to be getting the chance to go through with this. Although my insurance is not paying a dollar, the only thing they covered were my labs and I am not even sure how much they covered on that. So just in case this dosen't work and I have to go back in three months I have to have money to pay so I have to save every penny that I can. My husband is the only one working right now because of my muscle problems and it is going to be difficult but I know with the help and the guidance of the Lord that we will be ok. I know that no matter the outcome of this the Lord will hold me in the palm of his hand. I have felt his peace at times when my world was crashing in, and felt his presence when I was rejoicing. He is amazing and no matter what happens I want to be a christian FIRST in my life and let everything eles come next. TTC w/ Clomid Pictures, Images and Photos


Find joy in every journey said...

I am glad you have a plan and that the people at the office were able to set you at ease!

If you are not ovulating on your own, do you have PCOS? If you do, then you should also be taking metformin as well as the clomid and prometrium.

For an ovulatory cycle, progesterone should be over 5 but 10-15 is better.

Alicia said...

I'm so excited that you're going to be doing this!!!! I hope that it works I'll be praying for you and your future baby :)