Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He is the answer

I can make it through this, I am able to fight this fight. The Bible says that the Lord will go before us and fight our battles. That is a comfort to know that He can and will take care of us no matter what the outcome is in our situation. My desire is to grow closer to the Lord. To be one who hungers and thirsts after rightousness, one who has the fruits of the spirit abiding in my life. To be one who seeks the Lord daily and to live a pure and a clean life before him. The Lord holds our lives in his hands, he loves us. I know that in these situations in life we don’t understand why things happen, I have often wondered that and I still do. But deep in my heart I know that I serve one who hold my tomorrows in his hands and I know He will take care of me. I could not go through this battle without the Lord he has been my comfort from the storm, my place of refuge, my anchor. When the storms are raging he holds me still in the palm of his hand. If we trust in him we will not perish in the battle. If we could only see what He can sees we would know there is a reason for this battle. We all face different trials and tribulations in our lives but no matter what the problem HE IS THE ANSWER!
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Vicki said...

Hi Samantha,

Just want you to know that I read your blog (I'm a subscriber actually)and want you to know that I am praying for you. I also do a blog about my almost 20-year journey with infertility and childlessness.

Link: http://awomanwithoutchildren.wordpress.com/

Your Friend,

Stacey said...

Well said, Samantha. Keep on trusting Him and following Him. He knows your heart and He won't let you go!

Susan said...

Amen! This is beautiful! Well said!