Friday, March 13, 2009

I know the man

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I know the man: I know the man who is the giver of life. I know the man who understands who I am, what I am going through. There is never a tear that I have cried that the Lord has not seen. There has never been a prayer of mine that the Lord has not heard. Thank you Jesus, for being there for me in the darkest of my nights, thank you for leading me through the valleys, without letting me fall. Thank you for that safe place in the storm, you are my hope, in you I will put my trust. When the waves of sorrow overwhelm me, I will fall upon my knees and give it to you and know that you will make a way for me. You are my life. When I can’t cope with all my problems at one time you are there to carry the load. These circumstances that I face I cannot change but I know you can and I will follow you wherever you lead me. Let me be a willing vessel to work for you. Thank you precious Master for all you have given me. I love you Lord, you are my rock and my fortress.


Alicia said...

I love ya girl! Your hope in faith in Christ The Man is amazing.

Love Alicia

Jesus, My Best Friend said...

love this post!

My Quest said...

Thanks for this.
He indeed is the all knowing all loving God and in time he will perfect that which concerns you.