Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey, I was Tagged by by my great friend Alicia!!! I am supposed to list 25 random things about myself then tag two other people. I thought this was fun, maybe we can learn some new facts about one another!
1.) The Lord saved me five years ago this month, and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me!!
2.) I love watching reality tv shows!!
3.) Alicia has become a great friend to me
4.) I am overweight, and I love ice cream, I am now on a diet LOL
5.) Going to church and serving the Lord is the most important thing in my life.
6.) I love to sit on the porch on rainy days.
7.) I want to be a nurse
8.) I love music, especially gospel!!!!
9.) I love getting on myspace and and Ebay!!
10.) My family desperatly needs to be saved
11.) I have fibromyalgia
12.) my hubby is my best friend in the world, we have been friends since we were in the third grade.
13.) I do not have a job right now
14.) I love to go to Gatlinburg TN
15.) I love talking to older people and listening to stories about when they were young.
16.) I live in the hills of Kentucky (I am a hillbilly)
17.) I love to write
18.) I love to read my Bible and study the word of God
19.) My father was in an accident last year and recieved a brain injury and his right side was paralyzed and the Lord spared his life when they gave us no hope.
20.) I love baby lotion
21.) I want to be a help to others
22.) I love popsicles , cherry ones
23.) I cry easily
24.) I love to talk to my friends
25.) I am a sinner saved by grace!!

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Alicia said...

Hey I'm so excited to read your post! Your a geat friend too :) I thank God for you. Thats so amazing that you've known your husband for soooo long. You guys must have some fond memories of each other. I just giggled at the hillbilly thing, I have a friend from TN and she calls herself a "billy."