Thursday, January 1, 2009


Infertility 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

I thought today about my situation. I think that I will try my best to make the best of what I am going through (with the help of the Lord). Use this to my advantage to be a help to someone. I am not happy that I am going through this but something positive can be done with it. The Lord said having food and rainment let us therewith be content. So if we are provided with food and clothing we are supposed to be happy. And for most of us we have been blessed with a lot more than that. I want to be in a place where the Lord can use me anyway He wants to at anytime. Our circumstances may not change right now but we can change our outlook on life with the help of the Lord. We can ask the Lord to change our perspective of the situation and He will. Anything is possible. Having a personal relationship with the Lord will make you stronger. Not just going to church once a week , but seeking the Lord and calling upon Him when we are by ourselves. Reading His word and knowing Him better. With all the adversity in our lives it takes the Lord to have strength to overcome it. The Lord has given us all something to do in our lives. We aren’t just sitting here waiting for a child, waiting for our lives to begin. They have begun and we need to enjoy what we have today. I know there are times when you don’t want to hear a lot of encouraging words because you are grieving as you go through this. I know to how that feels and I have to deal with it each day. But sometimes we have to give the Lord praise for who He is and what He has done in our lives. I want to have a baby more than anything and it is scary not knowing how long I will have to go through this. But while I am waiting I will trust in Him because I love the Lord.

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