Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Molding of Character

I read somewhere that those that go through major trials in their lives have better character than those that don’t. I don’t exactly know if I believe that. However,I do believe that going through these things can be a major molding in your character. We could use this trial for the good. We could have a definite growth in our faith and character. Growing spiritually in the Lord is a great thing. Coming to a place where we can put our faith and trust in him, knowing that He is the most important part in our life is a priceless treasure. Knowing that the Lord has a reason behind this. God has a plan for our lives. We may not know all the reasons that we are on this long and painful journey but we serve the one that does. There are times when we feel alone but the Lord suffered more than our minds can imagine. He suffered for us, and he is there for us when we need him. We are not alone, we are never alone. Going through these difficulties are sometimes a way for us to grow closer to the Lord and get to know Him and His ways better. It is up to us how we let the circumstances mold us. If we knew the future and knew what the Lord knew we would know all the “whys” that are in our minds. God may be using us and our circumstances to help others who are hurting. He knew that we were strong enough to endure this, and we know that the Lord would not put on us more than we were able to bear. We can help others, we can talk to them about what the Lord has done for us. How He comforts us in our hardest of times. I just think that there are so many ways that we could use this problem of ours to help others. There are many people going through this that don’t even know the Lord and don’t turn to him when they are in need. In my personal opinion I have no idea how they can live their lives and go through this without knowing the Lord personally. My prayer is that if I could just help one person to come to the Lord and choose him as their savior than this battle I am fighting would be worth it. We need to strive to be christians first and mothers second. I want a child more than most people could imagine, but above that I long to serve the Lord for the rest of my life.


Alicia said...

I know that indeed the Lord uses my trials to perfect a more holy and Christ like character in me. Trials force you to surrender every thing to the Lord and submit to His perfect loving ways. And I think that helps us to be more Christ like and godly. I like what you said,"We need to strive to be christians first and mothers second." Amen to that!
And thank you for the encouragement to proclaim the gospel to those who are hurting because of IF or whatever reason. Jesus came to heal the sick and the broken hearted.

God bless and I am praying for you:)
Love alicia <><

Ashley said...

That was BEATIFUL:)

Alicia said...

Hey, I've tagged you come over and visit if you can :)