Thursday, January 8, 2009

Faithfully Waiting

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Though the storms may come and shake my faith, though the lightning may crash and unsettle my soul, though the enemy comes to fight a battle agianest me, I will still love you Lord. Through the day and night you have been my anchor on the raging sea, in my midnight cries in the darkness you have been my light and my peace, In the raging of others againest me you have been my comfort and shield. You are all things to me. I could not take a breathe without your mercy, I could not open my eyes without your grace. I could not take a step without your charity. I could not speak a word without your wisdom. I could not hear a word but by your voice. What a joy you have put in my soul, what wonderous thoughts you have put in my mind. For the inspiration you have put in my ears from others, and the prayers that come forth from my lips. The desires of my heart are known unto you. Your promises keep me still through the night. How I love you Lord, how I love your ways.
Faithfully waiting upon you Lord.

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