Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our husbands and their pain

Make him a daddy

I would die for that

I think that our husbands are often overlooked when going through infertility. Everyone seems to look at it as the womans problem. But what about the feelings of the man? Do they not hurt as we hurt? Do they not feel the same frustrations. My husband opened up to me ablout the way that he felt while we were going through this and it really made me realize that husbands suffer just as much we do. Talking to your husband about this can really be more refreshing and helpful more than talking to your best friend. I think that we need to show them that we love them and that we will love them no matter what happens. You never know when they may be having feelings of guilt because you have not concieved. I know that having a child is an important part of our lives but I don't think we should let it ruin our marriages. We need to depend on one another and have each other when we have no one eles to turn to. These men have battles of their own. Battles from their friends and co-workers when they talk about their children., a battle when they think they may never be a father. They are always expected to be strong and in control, showing no emotion but being supportive to us as we go through this. They may hide their emotions you may never know how they feel. But at leats let them know how you feel and that you will be there if they ever need to talk. Men don't turn each other like we women do, they really don't join online Infertility groups and email each other about how the month is going. We have that release that place where we can vent and tell all our feelings. I just think that their pain should be acknowledged to.